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Home Forgotten
The Campbells of the North River

ISBN: 978-0-9789766-4-4
Library of Congress Control Number 2007928839
Copyright 2007, Rev. James A. Campbell, D. Min.

284 pages, hard cover with dust jacket,
b/w photos and maps, 6" x 9"


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Never before has such a documentary of a singular Ohio family touched so many aspects of American history. This is a fascinating account of a family with conviction to the cause of abolishing slavery as well as changing the face of the iron industry, education and medicine. The obviously well-researched family history by a direct descendant has resulted in a great early American adventure.

Lee Edwards, Curator Ripley Museum, Ripley, Ohio

Rev. James A. Campbell, D. Min.

We are in such a hurry, afraid of being left behind by the world on the run. Then again, it is just such a world that might, just might, stir all the more a longing for connectionóconnection to a past that has something to give the moment and perhaps the future. It may be the oddest irony that from a disposable world with little memory, there may come a time of deep longing for memory, to seek and own and be blessed by the past once again. If so, then let this book serve as a road map to places and persons who once were and had something to say with their lives.

What in this book became a search for names and places, eventually became a search for persons behind the names, persons who would play a valued role in the unfolding of the Ohio territory. The search for family became the telling of the settling of the Ohio Valley through one family's eyes.

A family history fast became a regional history of industry, politics, religion, medicine and education.

In time the work became more that a regional history. It became a statement about history. History is told by those who stay behind, those who identify with the region and thus tell the story and give identity to a region. Those who move on are often forgotten. The Campbells of the North River, at least in Augusta County, Virgina, and later in Brown County, Ohio, were a family forgotten. They moved on and their legacy splintered into notable fragments that in time became even forgotten to themselves, at least until now.


The Old, Old Story
A History For Our Times
But Who Were They?
William and Elizabeth Wilson Campbell
John W. Campbell
Charles Campbell
Joseph N. Campbell
James W. Campbell
Notable Exceptions
Home Forgotten
The Last Home Place
The Blessing To Our Children



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